Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Once the little B+C babies are tucked snugly into bed, I find myself avoiding the sewing machine, opting instead for the couch, with a little bit of this (yay for ABC2 replaying every episode of Doctor Who from Christopher Ecclestone onward).

Best Doctor ever, yes?  We're still in Rose territory but unfortunately, Martha is looming on the horizon.  Worst companion ever, no?  I just can't warm to her - too besotted, too whiny and not enough oomph.  Perhaps ABC2 could just skip Martha and bring on the ultimate companion, Donna Noble.  Best companion ever, yes?

Although David is the clear winner, I'm very fond of Matt Smith too - he's great.  AND, to save the BBC any bother when Matt Smith calls it a day, I've also chosen the next Doctor 

Ben Wishaw.  Did you happen to catch The Hour?  

Ben Wishaw plays Freddy Lyon and is captivating.  He could definitely bring the passion, the irreverence and the humour that makes for a great Doctor.

Along with the Doctor comes the obligatory tea (Irish Breakfast of course), chocolate cake (I'll be back with a scrumptious recipe) and some crochet.

A bit of bunting loveliness - this is addictive!  

I'm sure I should weave in the ends first but I'm not that kind of crafter...

And some flowers too - for embellishments on a very exciting new Brierley + Clover product in the works...

So many different flower patterns out there - I think I've chosen my favourite...so far.

Hope your evenings are spent with similar loveliness!


Leigh - Sakurako said...

I love Eccles. And I love Ten. And I really love Eleventy. He's my favourite. But Ten used to be my favourite. And Nine too. So I think I just like whoever I'm watching at the time best.

I don't want to wait until the northern autumn for new episodes. *pouts* Its too long! *stamps feet*

Lately of an evening I've been doing photo editing and party planning. Which is a bit soulless since its all computer work. I quite enjoy binding my quilts of an evening and doing the hand sewing in front of the telly. English Breakfast is the tea of choice here, in my Doctor Who mug.

Bean's Mummy said...

Your crochet is divine! Sooooo clever you are. Ellie had my crochet hook (don't get excited, all I can do is REALLY awesome chain stitch...that is as far as I got teach myself)...anyway she grabbed it the other day and made me smile - held it up and says "birdy, birdy. With a little imagination, the hook is kinda like a beak don't you think? I was into Dr...we used to watch heaps pre Ellie Bean. Must get back into it. I know Glen has a stash on his ipad. Enjoy your cake & tea. xx

Brierley + Clover said...

Leigh, I'm liking the Doctor Who mug - they had loads of merchandise at the D.W./MSO Symphony Spectacular on the weekend - I've never seen so many sonic screwdrivers! I totally agree that computer work just doesn't come close to the cosiness of hand stitching - something quite lovely about no machines, just a needle and thread (or hook and wool!).

C - I bet your chain stitch is awesome! Granny squares next? Check out Meet Me At Mikes - Pip has some awesome tutorials . How gorgeous of Ellie with the crochet hook - I can totally see the birdie <3 Definitely get back into the Doctor - the last season was great (and I agree Leigh, I don't want to wait either!) - Matt Smith is a fab Doctor - plus, I need to analyse throwaway lines and conspiracy theories next time we catch up with you guys! x