Wednesday, 8 February 2012


While the handmade community can be wonderfully supportive, the undercurrent of copycatism (yes, it's a word here in B+C land) is alive and well.  Without doubt, there are instances of direct plagiarism, with true copycats using the exact same fabric combinations and patterns as other crafters.  However, it's important to recognise that there is very little that's original in the craft world.

On the left, is a vintage fabric and on the right, a Cath Kidston design from Christmas 2011.  
(Both images can be found on my Pinterest board here)

Don't be precious - remember that unless you've been living a completely isolated existence, you've probably been inspired from something you've seen.  Your designs are valued - just because someone is making something similar, don't discard your interpretation.

To those who see something lovely and think it's ok to copy, please make it your own.  Put your own twist on it.  Use the colours and fabrics that make your heart sing.  Use the inspiration to make something which shows who you really are.  Copying isn't nice.  Copying is most definitely not cool.

And remember, if in doubt, put a bird on it.

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Hello and welcome... said...

Amen! I think about this topic a lot. If I am ever unimaginative enough to copy something exactly, I wouldn't dream of taking credit for the idea, much less SELL it which I know lots of these copycats you speak of do! The copying is a reality, you're right. It's discouraging to think others don't quite have the imagination you do.

Thanks for posting this!