Thursday, 13 February 2014


Joining in with the lovely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and taking stock.

Making : A crocheted road for my baby boy.
Cooking : Andy's Fairfield Granola, a la Not Quite Nigella.
Drinking : Irish breakfast.
Reading: Kinder newsletters.
Wanting: Clarity.
Looking: For a house to make my home.
Playing: Games, all sorts.
Deciding: Yoga or tai chi?
Wishing: I were more organised.
Enjoying: The Moodys.
Waiting: For what, I ask?
Liking: Cooler weather.
Wondering: How this can possibly be?
Loving: Wee Wander.
Pondering: Do I really need more fabric?
Considering: How to make an idea a reality.
Watching: Hercule.  On a Saturday night.  I'm officially old.
Hoping: To make it happen.
Marvelling: At the strength of a family facing such terrible challenges.
Needing: To take better care of me.
Smelling: Toast.  Reminds me of my Nan and Pa.  I miss my Pa.  I miss the home he built.
Wearing: A poor selection.
Following: Manda.  One of my all time favourite bloggers.
Noticing: How grown up my kinder girl seems to be.
Knowing: That opportunity must be taken.
Thinking: Perspective counts for much.
Feeling: Loved and very, very lucky.
Admiring: The CFA and DEPI...and the tenacity of those who've suffered during the fires.
Sorting: Lots.  So much stuff that's not needed.
Buying: Less.
Getting: Impatient.
Bookmarking: Ribbon suppliers.
Disliking: Cruelty online.
Opening: Up to opportunities
Giggling: At Mock The Week.  Bloody brilliant.
Feeling: So lucky to have the love of my life.
Snacking: Nutella.  Straight from the jar.
Coveting: New Lazybones wallpaper.  Euphemia 3 ploise.
Wishing: My Nan a happy birthday.
Helping: Raise kind children.  I'm very proud.
Hearing: Richard Stubbs.  I cried today - he is awesome.

Thanks Pip, you're great. x

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