Friday, 10 January 2014


The Dalai Lama?  


Mahatma Gandhi?


Eckhart Tolle?


Billy Joel

I know, I couldn't quite believe it either.  But epiphany it was.  Enduring 774 ABC Melbourne's summer offerings (Dave O'Neill is the only saving grace), a Billy Joel song was played. 

And yes, it was Uptown Girl.  

I know, I know but this line in particular -

"And when she knows what she wants from her time"

And that was it.  

What DO I want from my time?  

It's most certainly that time of year..every year...that makes you question what you're ACTUALLY doing.  Is this what I want?  Am I making the most of things?  Is my life making me happy?  What do I want that I need to MAKE happen?

2013 was a wonderful year for us.

We welcomed our gorgeous baby daughter, Lulu Mabel Florence, into our family. Baby number 3 (so incredibly lucky) - it feels like she's always been here.

We made a very long awaited move to another country town to be nearer family and friends and to have the lifestyle we've craved.

Our eldest daughter, Violet Darby Clover, started 3 year old kindergarten and flourished.

Our son, Digby Sullivan, suddenly became a glorious little boy rather than a toddler.

Our little family were safe, healthy and happy.

All wonderful things - but there is definitely room for improvement - especially now that little Lulu is a bit older.

My wish list for 2014 is fairly simple and hopefully achievable

1. Reduce the clutter of social media - especially less screen time.

2. Make real connections.

3. Doin', not thinkin'

4. Make life beautiful - including our home, clothes, self and surrounds.

5. Own less stuff.

6. Make/sew/craft. 

7. Gratitude jar.

8. Join a snail mail project

9. Spend far more time with family and friends.

10. Make sure my time is used and not wasted.

I'm so hoping that 2014 will be the one x


Bean's Mummy said...

2014 will be the one. First step is to make the clear list of what you want...which you've done! Go beautiful lady, go!

I loved your post, I feel the same way. I'm singing Uptown Girl constantly now, especially the whooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oho-oho-oho-oh-ohhhhh bit. Perhaps that can be the reminder mantra, of the list, of going & getting what you want? xx

Brierley + Clover said...

Thanks lovely - and yep, it's been in my head since I wrote this post!