Thursday, 13 February 2014


Joining in with the lovely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and taking stock.

Making : A crocheted road for my baby boy.
Cooking : Andy's Fairfield Granola, a la Not Quite Nigella.
Drinking : Irish breakfast.
Reading: Kinder newsletters.
Wanting: Clarity.
Looking: For a house to make my home.
Playing: Games, all sorts.
Deciding: Yoga or tai chi?
Wishing: I were more organised.
Enjoying: The Moodys.
Waiting: For what, I ask?
Liking: Cooler weather.
Wondering: How this can possibly be?
Loving: Wee Wander.
Pondering: Do I really need more fabric?
Considering: How to make an idea a reality.
Watching: Hercule.  On a Saturday night.  I'm officially old.
Hoping: To make it happen.
Marvelling: At the strength of a family facing such terrible challenges.
Needing: To take better care of me.
Smelling: Toast.  Reminds me of my Nan and Pa.  I miss my Pa.  I miss the home he built.
Wearing: A poor selection.
Following: Manda.  One of my all time favourite bloggers.
Noticing: How grown up my kinder girl seems to be.
Knowing: That opportunity must be taken.
Thinking: Perspective counts for much.
Feeling: Loved and very, very lucky.
Admiring: The CFA and DEPI...and the tenacity of those who've suffered during the fires.
Sorting: Lots.  So much stuff that's not needed.
Buying: Less.
Getting: Impatient.
Bookmarking: Ribbon suppliers.
Disliking: Cruelty online.
Opening: Up to opportunities
Giggling: At Mock The Week.  Bloody brilliant.
Feeling: So lucky to have the love of my life.
Snacking: Nutella.  Straight from the jar.
Coveting: New Lazybones wallpaper.  Euphemia 3 ploise.
Wishing: My Nan a happy birthday.
Helping: Raise kind children.  I'm very proud.
Hearing: Richard Stubbs.  I cried today - he is awesome.

Thanks Pip, you're great. x

Friday, 10 January 2014


The Dalai Lama?  


Mahatma Gandhi?


Eckhart Tolle?


Billy Joel

I know, I couldn't quite believe it either.  But epiphany it was.  Enduring 774 ABC Melbourne's summer offerings (Dave O'Neill is the only saving grace), a Billy Joel song was played. 

And yes, it was Uptown Girl.  

I know, I know but this line in particular -

"And when she knows what she wants from her time"

And that was it.  

What DO I want from my time?  

It's most certainly that time of year..every year...that makes you question what you're ACTUALLY doing.  Is this what I want?  Am I making the most of things?  Is my life making me happy?  What do I want that I need to MAKE happen?

2013 was a wonderful year for us.

We welcomed our gorgeous baby daughter, Lulu Mabel Florence, into our family. Baby number 3 (so incredibly lucky) - it feels like she's always been here.

We made a very long awaited move to another country town to be nearer family and friends and to have the lifestyle we've craved.

Our eldest daughter, Violet Darby Clover, started 3 year old kindergarten and flourished.

Our son, Digby Sullivan, suddenly became a glorious little boy rather than a toddler.

Our little family were safe, healthy and happy.

All wonderful things - but there is definitely room for improvement - especially now that little Lulu is a bit older.

My wish list for 2014 is fairly simple and hopefully achievable

1. Reduce the clutter of social media - especially less screen time.

2. Make real connections.

3. Doin', not thinkin'

4. Make life beautiful - including our home, clothes, self and surrounds.

5. Own less stuff.

6. Make/sew/craft. 

7. Gratitude jar.

8. Join a snail mail project

9. Spend far more time with family and friends.

10. Make sure my time is used and not wasted.

I'm so hoping that 2014 will be the one x

Saturday, 13 October 2012


We're getting ready to sell our house - it's funny that all those little things you've always meant to do, only get done when somebody else will reap the benefits. 

 Luckily, we can take these cushions with us.  It's so nice to not have vintage linens languishing in the cupboard but out and proud to be enjoyed every day.

Sunday, 30 September 2012


Yes indeed, many moons between posts.

The Brierley + Clover household has been buzzing.

A move is on the horizon.

Which of course should mean a declutter.

A cleanse of all we don't need to take with us.

Less is more.

But the thing is...after quite a long, self imposed, disciplined break...

I just couldn't bear to leave these vintage lovelies behind.  My first opshopping venture in many months - and what a lovely reintroduction it was!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


While the handmade community can be wonderfully supportive, the undercurrent of copycatism (yes, it's a word here in B+C land) is alive and well.  Without doubt, there are instances of direct plagiarism, with true copycats using the exact same fabric combinations and patterns as other crafters.  However, it's important to recognise that there is very little that's original in the craft world.

On the left, is a vintage fabric and on the right, a Cath Kidston design from Christmas 2011.  
(Both images can be found on my Pinterest board here)

Don't be precious - remember that unless you've been living a completely isolated existence, you've probably been inspired from something you've seen.  Your designs are valued - just because someone is making something similar, don't discard your interpretation.

To those who see something lovely and think it's ok to copy, please make it your own.  Put your own twist on it.  Use the colours and fabrics that make your heart sing.  Use the inspiration to make something which shows who you really are.  Copying isn't nice.  Copying is most definitely not cool.

And remember, if in doubt, put a bird on it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Once the little B+C babies are tucked snugly into bed, I find myself avoiding the sewing machine, opting instead for the couch, with a little bit of this (yay for ABC2 replaying every episode of Doctor Who from Christopher Ecclestone onward).

Best Doctor ever, yes?  We're still in Rose territory but unfortunately, Martha is looming on the horizon.  Worst companion ever, no?  I just can't warm to her - too besotted, too whiny and not enough oomph.  Perhaps ABC2 could just skip Martha and bring on the ultimate companion, Donna Noble.  Best companion ever, yes?

Although David is the clear winner, I'm very fond of Matt Smith too - he's great.  AND, to save the BBC any bother when Matt Smith calls it a day, I've also chosen the next Doctor 

Ben Wishaw.  Did you happen to catch The Hour?  

Ben Wishaw plays Freddy Lyon and is captivating.  He could definitely bring the passion, the irreverence and the humour that makes for a great Doctor.

Along with the Doctor comes the obligatory tea (Irish Breakfast of course), chocolate cake (I'll be back with a scrumptious recipe) and some crochet.

A bit of bunting loveliness - this is addictive!  

I'm sure I should weave in the ends first but I'm not that kind of crafter...

And some flowers too - for embellishments on a very exciting new Brierley + Clover product in the works...

So many different flower patterns out there - I think I've chosen my far.

Hope your evenings are spent with similar loveliness!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


 Little Clover is a big fan of pavlova, donuts, cupcakes and whoopie pies...

Of course, we also have toast, sandwiches, fruit and biscuits...

She likes to blow out the birthday candles - then enjoy a slice with a lovely cup of tea...

Although pav is her favourite...

Luckily, there was enough to go around!

She even likes to have a separate pot for her coffee...

But puppy doesn't like to be interrupted when he partakes...

Fruit and eggs to finish (as you do).  Yum, what's cooking at your house?