Monday, 2 January 2012

A crafty corner of my home

My Little Clover has lots of handmade goodness in her room - some from my fair hands, some from others.

Santa recently added to our collection of knitted and crocheted food - with today's 40 degree heat, there were tea parties aplenty in the B+C household!

Miniature toy kitchen handmade by Little Clover's great grandfather, donut, lamington & pumpkin courtesy of Lark, the other toys are from a local craft shop.  I especially love the vegemite and cheese sandwich!

Little Clover wore the red dress on Christmas Day - it's by Minihaha. The reversible apple dress was a gift and is handmade but there's no tag (a good reminder to always include woven labels!)

Some Japanese goodness.

Some Lecien, Kokka and Heather Ross Far Far Away. 

My much loved drawers!

Again, some handmade lovelies without tags.

A repurposed Brierley + Clover Easter basket.

One of my favourite Kokka Trefle fabrics.

Brierley + Clover pennant bunting. 

The bird cushion was a magazine freebie giveaway - a tea towel by Mozi

My Little Clover's big girl bed.

I'm in the midst of decorating my Little Brierley's room - boy rooms are a bit more of a challenge but I'm well underway (thank goodness for Spoonflower, nice boy fabrics are few and far between).  I can't wait to share some photos once it's complete!


Em said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for his room! I am sure it will be as fab as this one.

Brierley + Clover said...

Thanks so much Em :)

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Oh it is all just divine! What a lucky little girl to have a mummy that can create such a beautiful room.

Brierley + Clover said...

Thank you lovely Jane :)

Tea for Evie said...

i love her room, so delicately girly. miss e gets her big girl bed at the end of this design project for me begins...hurrah!

Brierley + Clover said...

So much fun Be - looking forward to photos :)