Wednesday, 18 January 2012


1. Looking at photographs of other crafters' work can be demoralising.  Not because their work is better but because all you're doing is looking.  Not making.  Not creating.  Just watching from the sidelines.

2. Avoiding that basket of washing has taken 2 days of energy.  Folding it took 2 minutes.

3. From time to time, everyone feels as though everybody else is having more fun, doing more, enjoying more, living more.  They're not you know.

4. Facebook, Pinterest, forums, the internet in general can suck the life force from you.  That fuzzy feeling in your head?  That's not meant to be there.

5. The most helpful acronym you can have?  JFDI.  Look it up.

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)


Bean's Mummy said...

Agreed lovey! Yes, very dangerous territories when we start to compare and assume everyone else has it better, easier, happier etc etc. I love JFDI! Here I am saying "If not now, when?"...JFDI has a nicer ring & such a greater sense of urgency! Love it. Hope you're well & you're making some progress on pretty things. xx

Brierley + Clover said...

"If not now, when" is far more eloquent though! And the perfect sentiment - it's just so true. Planning is great but doing feels SO much better! xxx